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14ft-16ft Waterslides

Dolphin Water Slide

$190.00 Wet - 160 Dry

(13'W, 30'L,15"H)

Surf's Up Waterslide

$​240.00 Wet - $190 Dry

(13'W, 30'L,18'H)

Our 14ft-16ft waterslides are great for people that are concerned about the size of their yard. Our 14ft slides rarely have any issues fitting in smaller back yards and are still a blast for the kids. They are also very good for people that are trying to have a fun water day on a budget. 

Splash Waterslide

$190.00 Wet - $160.00 Dry


Surfs Up Slide and Slide

$160.00 Wet


FireRoad Waterslide

$260.00 Wet - $200.00 Dry


Purple Crush Monster Waterslide

$380.00 Wet - $200.00 Dry


Our 18ft waterslides are sure keep the kids entertained. They are alot of fun for teenagers aswell as adults. Choose from one of our many waterslides and make your next party a hit!

Volcano Waterslide

$190.00 Wet - $160.00 Dry


Inflatable Waterslide

Our blow up water slides are sure to be a hit at your next party. Fun for adults and children. We cary a huge selection of inflatable water slides in all styles and sizes. Inflatable waterslide are great for those hot summer days. Call us today to set up your reservation. 

Double Lane Waterslide

$260.00 Wet - $200.00 Dry


16ft-18ft Waterslides

Big Kahuna Waterslide

$​260.00 Wet - $190 Dry

(13'W, 30'L,18'H)

Questions and Answers for Waterslide Rentals

Q. Can i set up on dirt yard?

A. We are not able to set up any waterslide on a dirt yard. We can set up on pavement, rocks and grass. 

Q. Can i Set up next to pool?

A. All our waterslides and jumpers must be at least 10' away from a pool.

Q. Can an adult go down slide?

A. All of our jumpers and slides are commercial grade. Adults and children can go on our jumpers. 

Q. There might be bad wether on the day of my party. 

A. Our jumpers and slides can not be used in rain or winds stronger than 15 MPH. If you experience inclement weather during your party, please have kids exit unit and unplug blower. Per our Rain Policy, there is no refund for bad weather. We understand if you have to cancel due to bad weather, but if our drivers drop off unit, then there is no refund for rental. 

​Slip and slides

Go Big or Go home. This monster slide is a hit for every big event. Our tallest slide, Our 22 foot slides are sure to have the kids talking for weeks. Great for all ages and bigger events. 

​22ft Waterslides

Shark Slip and Slide

$160.00 Wet


Purple Crush Waterslide

$190.00 Wet - $160.00 Dry